About Cairnavigate

Cairnavigate is a financial services consulting group that provides better outcomes for financial advisors, investment consultants and CFOs .

Our focus is on providing pension risk transfer and stable value investment solutions.  We seek to help you and your client secure an insurance backed solution for any defined benefit or defined contribution retirement plans.

Each of our team members has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry – from Wall Street to investment management and insurance.

We share our knowledge and expertise to navigate insurance contract design, investment portfolio style and product differentiation – ultimately providing you and your client with the best path forward on your investment.

Brian Reeves, Managing Director

Brian Reeves is Managing Director of Cairnavigate.  In his role, he consults with institutional clients on pension and investment solutions. He covers terminations and risk transfer solutions for defined benefit plans, along with stable value solutions for defined contribution plans. In addition, he works with life insurance carriers to develop investment and financing solutions for institutional clients’ treasury and investment needs. He has led projects covering insurance and financing solutions for as little as $5 million to greater than $1 billion.

For Brian’s previous experience, he led the stable value wrap business at Pacific Life, but initially started in the Treasury department leading the corporate finance function.  Prior to that, he was at a boutique alternative investment firm focused on structuring insurance backed securitizations. In addition, he also worked in various roles in the credit and derivatives markets with Barclays Capital, Commerzbank and Lehman Brothers. 

Brian has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Villanova University, and a Master of Business Administration from Vanderbilt University.

An avid outdoor adventurer, Brian enjoys backpacking, snow sports, and fly fishing with his wife and son.

Jim Roche, Managing Director

Jim Roche is Managing Director of Cairnavigate.  In Jim’s role, he is responsible for business development, product development and relationship management.  He works with institutional clients and financial advisors to help them navigate stable value investment solutions through the complex fiduciary and structural designs.

Jim Roche has over 20 years’ experience in the development and distribution of institutional stable value products. Jim was a critical driver in the expansion, distribution and growth of Prudential Insurance Company’s and Standard Insurance Company’s institutional stable value products across the marketplace.  An accomplished, results-driven institutional sales executive and widely recognized expertise in stable value investments and institutional markets. An exceptional track record for driving institutional sales with a strong ability to craft unique, complex client solutions that achieve organizational objectives for sales, revenue, and market penetration.

Jim attended Middlesex College.

Jack Pacheco, Managing Director

Jack is Managing Director of Cairnavigate.  In Jack’s role, he is responsible for product development and research.  He works with institutional clients to help them navigate the structure and design of institutional insurance investment products.  Jack has deep product knowledge in capital preservation products, medium term note programs, stable value wrap protection, structured settlements and pension risk transfer solutions. In addition, Jack provides research and market intelligence on stable value investment solutions. 

Jack has over 25 years’ experience developing stable value and global capital markets businesses including at Hartford Life and Travelers Life & Annuity.  Additionally, Jack served as director of insurance business development in Citibank’s retail bank in Western Europe.

Jack earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine and Master of Arts in Economics from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.


Michael Cummings, Managing Director

Michael Cummings is Managing Director of Cairnavigate. In his role, Michael devises aggressive growth and leadership strategies for ambitious companies that seek a premium service experience for customers while creating value for their shareholders. Michael’s background in M&A, operational, managerial and board reporting is both deep and diverse, covering a wide array of industries.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance (Investments) from California State University, Long Beach, CA and a Master of Business Administration advanced degree from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA. Michael is an affiliate of the FENG (Financial Executives Networking Group).

A passionate sports fan, Michael is a youth leader at LA Rugby Club and enjoys spending summers in Oregon with his wife and son.

Cairnavigate is a financial services consulting group that provides financial advisors, investment consultants and CFOs with pension and retirement plan investment solutions delivered through insurance.  We specialize in pension risk transfer and stable value investment solutions that help companies create better outcomes for their plan participants.